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You are Invited

I for Invitation

After the arrangements for the venue is done, the next most important item in the preparation list for a wedding are the invitations. Anyone who is planning for a wedding must give good thought to the hows and whos of invitations. This is a sensitive matter, and must be handled with caution.  It is much more than a "block your date" information. It reflects the happiness and the excitement of the hosts around the upcoming life event in their family and should make the recipient of the invitation feel important and invited.

Few points one should consider while inviting

1. The invitation card should have a personal touch. It should resonate with the personality of the family sending the invitation. For a vibrant extravagant family, bright coloured invitation cards would suit more than a sober theme. I will site our example here - Our family has an acute love for Hindi and Humor. I have had so many people telling me that they feel happy and warm every time they come to our house, as the air is very informal and welcoming. So when it came to sending out invitation cards, we wanted to have the same feel around the card. That's how we skipped the usual paragraphic invitation, and made it more informal and fun to read. And since we most of our invitees were hindi speaking, the choice of language also came naturally. Have a look at our card:

The best compliment we got for the invite was from close friend of mine. She said while reading the card she was constantly smiling and felt as if she was sitting in our house with all of us and reading it and that compliment made us very happy.

2. It is very critical that the invite reaches all the people who matter and well in time. For that one should start making the list in advance so that you do not miss anybody. Best way is to go on a virtual geographical tour and make sure that all your friends and family from each city have been listed down.

3. The invitations should go at least 1 month in advance and then a personal call or email 10 days before the wedding will make the person feel good and welcomed.

4. Mostly in North India, friends and relatives staying in your city should be invited in person. But if that seems difficult, a phone call is a must.

I have a tip for the invitees as well - Whenever you get an invitation, do acknowledge the receipt by a return call. And if you mention something about the invite itself which struck you, that will make the sender of the invite feel very happy and accomplished.

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  1. What a great invitation! I would have loved to attend this wedding, even though I avoid weddings whenever I can :)

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  3. My favourite memory regarding a wedding invite was when one of my close friends asked me to write his wedding card!


  4. Incredible and impressive


  5. Love the wedding card of your brother! So cool!! And you know what our wedding anniversary is also on the same date!! :)

  6. I like the concept of incorporating the best-known feature of your character into the invite. One tip: I feel there should be an English translation of the above invite (without losing the essence) so that more people stopping by would get the full impact :)

    ~Shailaja's post

    1. Yes Shailja..I thought so ..But got Lazy ..will try and add it

  7. I understand why this brought smiles, Shiva! And your friend said it so well. Looking at all the pictures I've seen of your family, I would associate 'warmth' with you all.

  8. Loved to know how it brought happiness...Warm memories truly!

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  9. I love to read the traditional wedding invitation! :-) Some are so creative! ♥

  10. I love collecting marriage invitation cards. People these days are very innovative about designs.

  11. Great tips - and a lovely invitation!
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  12. It's pretty. I wish I could read it. Alas, I can only read two languages, and this isn't one of them. I'm totally with you on personalizing invitations though. Everything we do should have a little bit of us in it. =)

  13. That's so lovely :) :) Weddings cards are something that have a lasting impression both for the guests as well as couples.. my mom sees her wedding card even now and smiles with happy tears!

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  14. This is a beautiful invitation of course I know I got one too :D


  15. I have kept a copy of my Wedding Card safe!! It is something that lasts forever :) Lovely post again..

  16. Lovely!! I have treasured my wedding invitation forever as every bride should. ♥

  17. I love the saakshi hai - too cute.

  18. its really a huge task, gettin d invitation done n going frm house to house distributin it. i had been wid my mom to invite ppl to my bro's upanayana n it was both gud n bad! u can imagine hw it feels wen ppl say 'sorry we cant cum dat day! we r a bit busy'
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