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G for Grihapravesh

Her first steps
With apprehensive mind
and curious eyes
With the heart full of hope
and brimming with dreams
to her abode,
the place of her dreams
and the dream of her life..

Grihapravesh is the serene and much  awaited moment after the full on dance, drama and hustle bustle of wedding.  This is the Bride's welcome to the place she will call home. Grihapravesh is the time when the newly wed bride enters her new house. Every region in India has a unique and beautiful way to welcome the new member in the house.

Griha PraveshIn some places, the bride enters the house after pushing a kalash (pot) filled with rice, with her right foot. This signifies the arrival of the Goddess of prosperity in form of the new bride. In some cases, the bride pushes the Kalash full of coins, again signifying the arrival of wealth.

 At other places, the bride puts her feet in a tray which has a past of water and vermilion. And, putting the right foot first, the wife enters, making marks of her foot steps. They believe that these footsteps are of Goddess Laxmi, and signify her arrival in form of the bride.

In our house, the bride is welcomed by the mother in law with tilak and "Aarti". But before that she wards of all evils, which is called "Nazar Utaarna" in hindi, by moving a jug full of water infront of the bride 7 times. After this the bride makes the mark of her hands on the wall of the house. This she does by dipping her hands in a paste of water and turmeric. This is like a permanent mark of her arrival, and from that moment on, she becomes a part of the family. Take a look how it happened when my Bhabi was welcomed by Ma.

This is a very special moment for the bride and the family. It has the warmth and the welcome needed to make it a memory for a lifetime.

Coming to the Star post for Day 7 -- This time it is my very own Richa Singh. She has a knack to enter your hearts and speak to you at a blink of an eye. Her theme in this challenge around what goes inside a girl who is stuck in mid twenties, and today she talks about Getting Hooked on a Hobby. You will love it.


  1. this is indeed one of the memorable moments of the bride :) lovely photos

  2. arre waah u hv aqdded pics! Ur SILs face reflects all the emotions u speak of....

  3. That bride's absolutely beautiful. Love this custom. What's tomorrow.. Henna?

  4. Lovely share. Thanks Shiva. Even here in South India, I had a "Nazar Utharna". We would be asked to carry a big lighted lamp inside the house. It wold be heavy and filled with oil. In case if the light has gone off, or you trip, then that's the end!! That was the scariest part of my wedding day. :P :P

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  5. wow! Really, your SIL's pic speaks of all the words you have written :)
    Such gorgeousness!

  6. Wow, that is cool. I appreciate learning this today.

  7. Moments that are etched in memory...

  8. Beautiful...I love rituals like these, make the wedding so much more interesting and meaningful :)

  9. I love the footprints part and when in my childhood when ever I saw these I always wished I was doing the foot printing :D


  10. What a beautiful custom. So rich in meaning.

  11. What a lovely custom! I loved the beautiful pictures and the brides bright costume! ♥

  12. Awesome!!! I always say to my mom that Grihapravesh is boring but then I realize that it is indeed meaningful!!

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    Smile, it makes (y)our day!

  13. Lovely pics. This is a very sweet ritual. Loving your theme.

  14. What a wonderful post on a memorable moment .. The bride looks so beautiful... I am very hooked on the theme,and am learning so much: - )

  15. this was a rasam i didnt know much about! thanks for sharing :)


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