Friday, January 31, 2014

She Looked Most Beautiful

No matter how much Mukta tried, she just could not come up with the perfect colour she should wear on that day. Rohit was coming with his parents to formally ask her hand from her Ma Baba. They had always waited for this day and finally when it had really arrived, nothing seemed right to her. Being a north indian, Rohit's family was blinded by fairness. At many occasions they had sent honey dipped sarcasms on her way saying " We really wonder what Rohit saw in you. Ofcourse thats why they say love is blind"

Rohit had always tried to shield her from such hurtful comments, but she always had felt insecure of this final formal meeting where things could make or break.

Stuggling in her mind, she had sent her whole wardrobe topsy-turvy. Should she choose a dull colour that subsides her "not so fair" complexion or should she wear the yellow saree Rohit got for him. But people say yellow is a complete No-No for her "coloured kinds"

She was getting nervous every going minute, and those lovely deep eyes were almost on the verge of overflowing.

Knock Knock went the door of her room.

She opened and found Rohit standing there. She almost broke down infront of him. She just wanted to disappear and let that day pass.

Rohit sensed all that her eyes were telling. He took her face in her hand and looked with all the love in her eyes. And right in that moment all her fears left her.

She looked the most beautiful in those eyes.


This post was written for the Write Tribe Wednesday prompt -- She Looked most Beautiful.

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Power of Visualisation

Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye

The Power of Visualization ... I still remember the day I was introduced to this concept during my college. A war veteran had come for a guest lecture and he spoke to us about the possibilities and power of visualization.

At a tender age that we were at, all of us had our turmoils to go through ..the insecurities of a career, of a happy life, of earning money , of climbing the corporate ladders and of being known.

And thinking about all that that lay ahead for us always gave us jitters more than anything else. The never ending question of what will be and what will not be.

And here he came with that age that exhilarated experience, eyes that soaked depth and voice that reverberated contentment and accomplishment. He came with such a fresh breath of optimism and hope.He spoke to us about how our body and mind calibrates and aligns to what our heart visualizes. They work in tandem with what the heart wants and make our dreams our realities.

And it made sense and it makes sense even now. Its not the mind but your heart you should ask for visualizing all that you want in life. And deep inside there will be a reaction and unknowingly you will start walking towards your dream and you will get all that is needed the strength, the conviction and more than that the belief that what you want is what you will get.

Many times I have seen people running towards things in life not because deep inside they want it, but because at that "point of time in their life" that is what they are expected to do. It can be anything from being in love to being married, getting a job to getting a house, going on vacation to having children. And in all that more than achieving and relishing that achievement,they end up struggling..struggling in their own insecurities, so called failures and their inability to "get there".

I feel the fault is not in how much they are trying but it is in for what are they trying so hard. Have they really thought through deep inside and visualized themselves feeling happy and accomplished once they reach there. Or they are just "also running" because that is what they are supposed to do.

Whatever I have seen in my life and life around me, I very truly believe that our heart and our visualization is our biggest strength. All that we want in life can be a reality only if we really want it deep inside and if we can visualize ourselves smiling and feeling proud once we reach our destination.

So my friend, all that you may want in life you can get it. Just close your eyes and let your hear visualize the moment..The moment when you have achieved what you wanted and see yourself content and happy being there. Because sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye. 


This post is written for the Write Tribe Wednesday prompt by Kajal, who recently celebrated her birthday. Kajal is one of those people I have never met but I feel a bond and a connect somewhere.Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye INDEED!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


“This looks like a sunny day. Aaee  took me out of bed and dressed me up.

Oh so we are going out!! Yippee …. I am wearing my favourite  green shoes and orange-blue cap and Aaee is in her lovely blue saree.

But I am still sleepy so I cry. To distract me, Aaee has given me her handphone to play, while she is buying sweets.

Happily I look around …Oh what is this big drum for?? Let me see….

Gosh I dropped the phone!!!

Aaee is in such a hurry she doesn’t even remember. Unaware, she leaves the shop.”

This was written for Write Tribe's 100 Words on Saturday , which is a picture prompt given by Vidya Sury whose bag is always full of amazing ideas and stories.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Pink or Blue

The test was positive. In her uncontrollable excitement she set out for future wardrobe shopping with her hubby dear.  

At the shop she just could not make up her mind on pink or blue. So she picked up both.

Little did she know that she had been blessed with both the colors at a time.

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Monday, January 13, 2014

Strangers in the night

Draped dazzling and dreamy she entered the room. The smell of jasmines filled up her senses. Having travelled the contours of this night many times in her mind, today she will traverse it for real.

With bated breath and pounding heart she eagerly awaits her first romantic encounter.

He bangs the door, charges in the room, turns off the lights.  The smell of jasmine is lost in his heavy breath which stinks of alcohol. Her dreams of love crushed beneath his mechanical lust.

And thus they met ..the strangers in the night, strangely to stay so for their whole life.

This is written for all those young beautiful Indian brides who get married to complete strangers and were not lucky enough to realize their dream of love. My heart goes out for all of them whose dreams are crushed on their very first night.
This post is dedicated to the amazing prompt on Write Tribe - "Strangers in the Night" suggested by the amazing Suzy.    

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sunny I Like

Photo Credit - Google

It is sunny today
Sunny I like
Like all that is bright
Bright and what Shines

Sunshine makes me warm
Warm and happy deep inside
Inside me is a world
A world that comes to Light

Lights up all my senses
Sense of who and what
What lies within Who
and who looks beyond

Beyond the fields of reality
Reality that is but is not
Not because you can't See
See you can but feel you can't

Can't it stay forever
Forever the sun, the hay, the shine
Lights Brights and Shines
Outside bright as much as inside

Inside is a castle
castle of dreams umpteen
dreams of smiles and joy
joy of the being

Being in the moment
Moment of warm sunshine
Warmth of the silence
Silence that reverberates hope

Hope that ever day
Is a day of the sun
Sunny Like it is today
Because Sunny I like...

It was a sunny day today after quite a few days of clouds ... and no matter how much I love rains , I also look forward to a bright sunny day. So these are my thoughts on sunshine..And if you have noticed I have tried to create a chain of words so every line has a word from the previous line. Hope you all enjoy my Sunny side up :)


Sunday, January 5, 2014

He Loves me

I could not wait to open my eyes and start my day today. This is the day I have been waiting for since the last 5 years. I fell in love with Ayaan the very first time our eyes met. But never could I fathom his inclination. 

And today he has asked me out for a date. He says he has to tell me something.

With a pounding heart and dreamy eyes I look at him. Is this THE moment??

Finally those unbelievable words meet my ears...

”Nupur I am in love”

a pause and I gasp

“with your little sister”…..

A 100 word fiction  written on the prompt “My Little Sister” at Write Tribe

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Stroke of Midnight

2014 is here ... 2013 consumed

Every moment as we live, time is turning.. life is changing ...we are moving. But all through the year this process of time consumption is subtle and it takes a keen eye to look at it and a keener heart to feel it. But this one time in the year when"2013s" bid adieu at the stroke of midnight and "2014s" knock on the door  all of us matter where we are and what state of mind we are in..we do pause for a while and acknowledge the passage of time and celebrate in our own way. 

Some are with families, some with friends..some dancing ..some lost in music, some are howling and some lamenting..some are in crowd and some lonely. The ways may differ but the feeling is the same..the realization that time has passed.. and more importantly that a new beginning is waiting with open arms. We win some and lose some in the year gone by .. and the new year dawns with new possibilities, new opportunities and new journeys. And all of us celebrate the turn of time ..we celebrate our possessions and we celebrate our dreams. Dreams that were fulfilled in the year gone by and the dreams that we are set to achieve in the coming year. It is a moment of hope and it is a moment of promise .. A promise to ourselves that we will give our best to the coming year.

Of all the New Years I have welcomed till date, this has been the farthest from the people who mean the most. Families and Friends , most of them were miles away ... and there was this umbrella feeling of loneliiness and being away. Towards the evening, there came a point when I was on the verge of being depressed and feeling sad for myself and my situation. But ofcourse I could not let that happen to me..So I broke those shackles of depression that had started forming and took charge of the evening.

I am a believer..Believer in the theory that you and only you decide the quantum and quality of your happiness. And the mantra for my life is it abundance of food, music, books, friends, even weight and if it is about fun and happiness it can be nothing less than infinite. So I jolted out of that lonely feeling and called out loud to the nearest people I had around. God has always been gracious to be and has always sent good people around me. And so I with two of my new found friends in Jakarta  ventured out on the streets of Jakarta.

So there was good food, good music ...lot of lights and lot of bubbling faces waiting for us. We had a lovely time at one of the Sheesha cafes and at the Stroke of Midnight we welcomed 2014 with tapping foot and swaying hands... The belly dancers in that Arabian Cafe made sure that we have a glamorous year ahead. And the lady luck also shined on me when out of a room packed with people my coupon got the lucky prize. What I got is immaterial..What is important is that God gave me a subtle sign that he has a lot of lucky draws waiting for me in the year ahead.

The Sheesha Bar in Kemang Jakarta

After an eventful outing, when I came back in the wee hours of dawn ...I sat on my couch with a coffee in my hand and looked back. Looked at the year that was ... 2013.. And I felt good ...really good recollecting the memories of the year gone by.

"Mr 2013 you have been very nice to me. I thank you for that. I cant thank you enough for bringing me to the world of blogs. Writing is my creation extension and I feel so much more accomplished after sharing my thoughts here. You also made me a self sufficient unit ... 2 years back I could not have imagined my life without my family around me ..shielding me from everything..and here I am today with a set up of my own and a place I can call almost home. A place I have done up myself is so much me..each art piece..each book on my shelf ...everything is so much me. I have emerged from 2013 more stronger, much more at peace and definitely more accomplished. More than anything else 2013 is the year I have spent the most with myself..I know myself a little better now..I have accepted my life the way it is and I love every bit of it. "

So all in all... I am happy where I am and I look forward to another year full of "me moments"