Sunday, March 23, 2014

Greatest Love of All

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Is it rains
Or is it sun
No I think it lies
In the yellow pages of that book
But that book I can still do without
But not without my pen and ink
Ink is nothing but my thoughts aloud
I love them more than all above
Thoughts are but a part of me
But why just the part, I love the whole
What lies within and spreads beyond 
The soul inside and mould outside
My heart that feels
And knows to love
That makes me worthy to be loved
My heart my soul
My greatest love of all

A lot has been happening in the last week in our side of the world. With some lovely theme reveals happening in the blogfest co-hosted by Vidya Sury , and the AtoZ group on facebook anchored and enthused by Gyani Corinne. The UBC challenge is also rearing to go in April. But among all these things, our first love, Write Tribe can just not take a back seat, and so the 100 words on Saturday is on (just wid a tad bit delay). This weeks prompt was - "the greatest love of all"

Friday, March 21, 2014

Spilling the Beans for A to Z

Ta Daaaaaaaa!!!
                     Red Carpet!!!
                            Bells and Horns!!!
                                           Clap Clap Clap!!!

The A to Z theme reveal day is finally here

It still has to set in. Have I really done this. Have I actually committed myself to a month long blogging challenge (the only respite being that the Sundays are Off). Routine, Discipline and commitment are few words which are always uncomfortable when they are around me. But the other two words which make this task look easier are Challenge and New. New challenging things have always intrigued me and managed to get the best out of me at all times. So even after a bumpy blogging of last 3 months, where I have been here but not completely here, I signed up for the A to Z Challenge.

This is my first time to have signed up for something this big and to keep me going I will need constant support (read - blog visit) and encouragement (read comments & compliments) from all you lovely people.

With the rate at which this A to Z fire is catching, I am sure all the bloggers by now have a hint of what it is. For few who still are ignorant I will be happy to enlighten. So basically this is a 26 day blogging challenge in April and you need to write your posts from A to Z , one each day. So the trick is to choose a theme and not make it very random. And the smart people actually pre-plan and schedule their posts for each day. Ofcourse I am not very smart, but my weekend target is to catch up on some smartness.

The in-house angel , Vidya Sury started a thread of theme reveal on her blog. And this encouraged (read forced) us to actually firm up our theme and go all out and announce it to the world. So now for all those eager eyes and curious minds, here comes my theme.

As some of you might know I am straight out of an Indian wedding and that too a one which happens to be of my brother. So I was actually midst of the thick of things and I have seen the giant too closely. And hence this theme came quite instinctively to me. So for the month of April I will be talking about the

A to Z of the Big Fat Indian Wedding

The high level, pompous cultural extravaganza called Indian wedding actually is a sum total of a lot of small and big details. And as they say beauty lies in details, it indeed does. But what they do not say is that duty also lies in details. So I will give you a first hand experience and share the necessary details of managing an Indian wedding and making it a reasonable success,

So all those who are married or have acted as wedding planners, this will be a good trip down the memory lane, and all those sitting on the fence waiting for their turn, this might turn out to be a repository of some useful tips and insights.

So let the drums roll ... We shall walk the aisle together ...

Also, taking a tip from my fellow blogger, Kajal, everyday I shall be featuring one post of A to Z challenge which hit my chord the most. So if you are stopping by to read my thoughts, please do spread some love to those lovely bloggers as well.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Room without a roof

Hi Guys

Long long time since we connected.

Well blame it on the cultural extravaganza of Indian weddings.. My brother got married recently and this made him a husband and me a so to say wedding planner.  I have a lot to share on that front and I have a plan for that. Soon you will know about it.

But till that time let me continue with my banter and ramblings as they come.

So off late the Happy Song  by Pharrell Williams has been doing rounds in my mind.

Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof
Because I’m happy
Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth
Because I’m happy
Clap along if you know what happiness is to you
Because I’m happy
Clap along if you feel like that’s what you wanna do

And the first line has just stuck to me... I want to feel like that room without a roof all the time. Seldom do you really come across something..a song, a line, a picture, a story which from the word go becomes yours. Something similar happened with this line too for me. And I am sure it does for a lot of us out there ..all those who want to be that free bird in that room.

A room without a roof for me stands for that unbridled unrestrained flow of life. And I want to live that life and I want that life to exist around me all the time. The people I meet, the people I know and most importantly the people I love .. I want all of them to be in this room without a roof.

Because I feel you exist in your freedom.. you only breathe when the air around you has not been rationed, when the words that you utter do not get filtered by the so called "socially acceptable" funnel.

This room signifies abundance to me ..abundance of everything you want in life. It is those limitless possibilities that make life worth living for and worth dying for too ..right??? That room know no inhibitions, it wont keep you from flying. But still it is a room so it has those walls around that do not hold you back but keep you protected.

I am a simple person and I only know simple ways. For me freedom is not just being let loose, but to be in that space where you have the warmth and protection of love around you and that belief and certainty  that you can as high as sky and even beyond .. but still know that you have a home and some people to go back to.

Well these were some of the initial thoughts that came to my mind when I heard this song. Thought of sharing it with all of you. Would love to know what your room without a roof looks like???


Also to remind all of you do keep tuned to my blog as yours truly is going to try the impossible... A to Z Challenge. Soon will reveal my theme to all you lovely people.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Can't you read

After 15 jobless days, she was hoping she will get the maid’s job in this house atleast.

She rang the bell.

After waiting for sometime,   she entered the house and the fierce dog pounced on her.

Bruised and bitten, those harsh words kept coming back “CANT YOU READ… the warning??”

Yes she never could.

Write Tribe is celebrating the festival of Words. I missed being a part this time, but could not resist to give my entry for the 55 Fiction.Do check the link for some amazing entries.

I dedicate the above post to all those unfortunate girls who could never be literate. They were deprived of the light of knowledge. And sometimes many of us, for whom everything was put on a platter, get insensitive towards them. While actually what we should be doing is trying to bring them to light and not push them further into the darkness of self pity and shame.