Friday, June 27, 2014

Silence Breaker

And it has been months ...Months I have not given my blog any time and attention.


Well those are unnecessary details. What is important is that from here, where do I take it forward. Do I get back to being me, expressing in words, talking to all my readers, putting my thoughts to paper or I let it fizzle?

The question haunted me for quite some time .. an inner voice kept telling me that I wont be able to do justice to writing for some time now, an inertia had cropped up in the days gone by, the words and thoughts that were doing rounds inside me were not the ones I wanted to write and make  permanent.. So I took a break, with a date in mind when I will get back to writing.

And the day is today. I have no prepared post, no agenda in mind. Just one conviction that I shall write. And so here I am talking to my long lost friends hoping that I will connect. (Well I do not even know how many of you I have actually lost forever..but I am sure I will lure you back :D)

Last few months were my "me time" months which I spent talking to myself, calibrating my life force, shifting gears of life and refuel it with new love and hope. I got to see a little more of the country I have been staying since last 2 years, and I must tell it is breathtakingly beautiful. I promise to end this post with some nice pictures that will give you a slight sneak peak.

So as I was giving myself company, one constant thought hovered around me all the time and kept troubling me. And a recent deep discussion with a close friend around the same thought, helped me clear out the mist around it. I have always believed that we are the makers of our destiny, but every time something not so favorable happened to me, invariably i would end up saying.."Well that was destined to be that way, could not have helped." and then the vicious cycle of those not-worth-answering questions like "Why me???" "Where did I go wrong" "Why luck is never on my side" started.

But why ask question when the answer lies within us. No matter what the situation is or where it started, how it will end is completely our wish, our will and our want. My conviction to make it end my way is what will make all the difference. So the power lies within you..the power of want!

And I want to write... I want to express freely .. I want to manifest my life force into words ...and so I write today.

As promised ending the post on some beautiful notes

The pictures are from Bunaken Island and Gili Island in Indonesia.
Signing Off till we see each other again...and this time it will be soon