Monday, April 7, 2014

Fishing the ring

Sounds Fishy ???

Sorry to disappoint but it isn't fishy at all, its just a game. Among all the rituals I have seen in weddings, this one is one of my favorites.

Simply put, it is a perfect ice breaker game. Generally it is played just after the bride enters her new house "Sasural" after the wedding ceremony. So what is the game all about ???

Objects: Big flat shallow plate of milk and water, one ring, one coin

Goal:  To be the first to get the ring out of the plate of water and milk

Number of Players:  Only two..Bride and the groom

How to Play : The ring is put in the shallow pot of milk and water. To add difficulty levels, flower petals are also added to the pot. The one who gets the ring first wins

Tips: A wise tip to the groom is to lose this game if he wants to win the smile of his bride. That would be priceless midst the  apprehensions and turmoil of the bride of being at a new place among new people.

Rumor has it that this game determines who will be calling the shots in the matrimony. The winner of this game is said to have the upper hand in all the significant and insignificant decisions in future and gets to dominate the turf of arguments forever.

How naive of people to think that deciding the "one up" in marriage is as simple a game of ring and pot.

OK , now coming for the Star post for Day 6 it is our very own Vidya Sury. She "Did it again" when it comes to Family I do not think anybody can write it better than her.


  1. Interesting but I do not think that is the way to decide the upper hand in a marriage.

  2. hahaha, my husband won this game, but guess who calls the shots ;-)

  3. Liked the tip you shared for the groom :D This is super interesting ritual and have seen some couples getting into serious struggle to get the ring by hook or crook! :D

  4. This is perhaps one of my favourite Indian wedding customs too :) You have quite an interesting way to present these customs, rituals! Looking for a career in wedding planning? ;)

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  5. Hehe this one is best! I love it. I of course had a tie with my husband. Just saying. Goes on to prove how much harmony we have (NOT) :D


  6. Hi :) I love your blog and I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award. Hope you will accept it :)

  7. That's one of the most fun things in a wedding.

  8. Very interesting tradition. Even though the 'game' is still played, do the bride and groom uphold the results?

  9. Interesting tradition. Your weddings have so many interesting games and traditions. I am enjoying learning about them all! ♥

  10. Such a fun game!! We play a version of this at the Wedding hall itself and it was fun! :)

  11. This is such a fun game!!!!

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    Smile, it makes (y)our day!

  12. Visiting from A/Z; I think I would like to see this game being played; I can see the definite advantages to losing it and the definite advantages of winning it.

    good luck with the rest of the challenge!


  13. I think this game is played just to give the bride and groom time to break the ice and integrate into the family as well. I think it's a very cute ritual.

  14. Enjoyment and fun is the main spice in weddings, I think these games are meant just to make the couple comfortable....lovely coverage


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