Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Would I press rewind

Would I press rewind...

Every once in a while
This thought crosses my mind
Would I turn back the time
Would I press rewind…

Go back to the time
When life was flowing
Like an unbridled river
And love was a certainty

Would I caution myself
Would I deter
When eyes met eyes
and I started dreaming

Dreams of togetherness
Dreams of sunshine
Dreams of you and me
Dreams that were not to be

Or go back to the moment
When love left us
When you moved on
And I kept waiting

They say love is eternal
For me the wait is
Sometimes it gets all mixed up
Waiting to end and no ending to wait

Every once in that while
I tell the time
All my moments are mine

And I shall never rewind

This has been a Free Write of fifteen minutes that I missed earlier and this is written for a 100 words on saturday  prompt by my very own Richa Singh ... Oops but Sorry my free flow could not be contained in 100 words... But do forgive as only  Once in a while one comes across such a great thought provoking prompt 


  1. time is strong and can make us all bold.
    loved your take on this!

  2. What if's are tough to answer! I loved the flow of your thoughts in this one :)

  3. What a fabulous free write post, Apoorva / Shiva ! Lovely.

  4. Great post. Bottom line we can only move forward with our lives and not back. If only we could rewind. ♥

  5. Beautiful poem...for a free write, its wonderful post.

  6. Every once in a while, I feel like reading this beautiful poem:)

  7. I'm glad you let it flow....Love the realization at the end!

  8. Loved this verse and the determined note at the end :)

  9. Ha! Yes for people like us, every once in a while we are meant to let go. Very seriously. *hugs* i am so excited you are coming to India soon!! (not the platform to mention but still :/)



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