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The joining sword!!

The tribe whisper is on.. An idea started by Ayush .. To know more read here : Write Tribe - Whispering a secret

This is part 6 of the story series. You could read the beginnings here ..... Part1 at Akhils, Part2 at Pins, Part3 by Laxmi, Part4 by Leo ,Part 5 by Meena, Part 6 by Kalpana

Aiyana – the name created ripples in his heart! 
Jamal could not take his eyes off her. There was an untold mystery in those eyes behind the veil, which revealed a lot and yet held unfathomable hidden secrets deep inside. She wore a black bridal gown. Black, the colour of mourning, for a wedding?? Jamal found that intriguing. He made a note to go back to the finer prints of the manuscript for a possible ritual or explanation.
He was about to keep the photograph in his pocket when, all of sudden, his eyes fell on the symbol at the backside… it was a basket with a handle, but what was more disturbing was that cross on that symbol, which was made in blood. He remembered seeing a similar symbol embossed in blue on the scimitar as well.

The case was becoming a maze, so many possibilities, and yet no clue on which line to tread which will lead to the ultimate truth… But then a thought crossed his mind… is there anything called truth... how does truth look in its real form… There is always your truth, my truth, his truth and their truth. The eyes that sees it, or the heart that feels it or the soul that suffers…each have their own truth, their own story.

Jamal jolted himself out of this philosophical train of thoughts… he was the “Logical” “Analytical” detective… and not a “Thoughtful” “imaginative” “Free” author… his trade did not permit him to dwell in ambiguity…he had to take this case to a logical conclusion, decide the rights and wrongs… The victims and culprits… in black and white…there was no scope for greys.

Scimitar – Roul – Aiyana – Triton – Kara – Kruson  - Half eaten plates – Lipstick Marks – “I saw him” – the Housekeeper , the only breathing soul near Qashif…So many clues yet no answer. And then his intuitive-self took him back to the line in Shastri’s file which he had casually read but did not pay attention:

Triton and his clan along with their faithful servants disguise as merchants to allay suspicion and survive....................  
The Housekeeper, the first witness of the death, the soul companion to Qashif…how could whole of his team overlook such an important linking pin. Jamal just knew that the housekeeper was hiding facts, misleading the detective team and most importantly protecting "someone".  For whom was he faithful ..was he merely a servant or more than that.. had he betrayed his master or kept his promise.

Perplexed and lost in thoughts Jamal was about to leave the library when all of a sudden a hand caught him from the back. His heart skipped many a beats and startled he looked back to find Shastri in the room. 

" I did a deeper research about the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs embossed on the scimitar, and it seems, this is not an ordinary scimitar. This is the khenemet Scimitar" Shastri blurted out in excitement

“And that means???” an irritated Jamal asked

“Khenmet, literally means the one that joins. This sword in the olden days was presented by the bride to her beloved on the wedding day, and whoever, she chose to be her partner, the initial of his name got permanently embossed on this scimitar.” Shastri was elated to have done his job well.

“But I did not see any initial on the sword” Jamal could not hold his nerves now. He badly wanted an answer.

“There was…  hieroglyphic script uses symbols .. A basket with handle, represents the letter K. This scimitar belonged to Kruson was presented to him by his lady love on the day of their wedding.

Jamal took out the photograph from his pocket and looked at it again…

It was time to meet the Housekeeper now…


Its your baby now Kajal


  1. Loved this... and the connection made using Khenemet... you've done your research well... kudos! :)


    1. Thanks Vaisakh... Loving the story...lets see where it goes

  2. Loved the khenemet connection. The symbol on the reverse side of the photograph , the black bridal dress and the Egyptian writing on th scimitar are good ingredients to suspense.

    1. Thanks Kalpana... hope that i did not disappoint your imagination and did justice to your thoughts :)

  3. Shiva, beautifully well researched.. yoy people, get this published a s graphic Novel..I am serious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. thanks a ton... wanted to give it a egyptian flavour... I was doing this like a diligent student...though never did this in school...matching notes of all previous authors..it was so much fun

  5. I loved this part a lot! It almost made my heart skip a beat when shastri enters. And boy what a connection! You need to write more fiction (i am very serious!)



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