Monday, September 9, 2013

Ode to Mother Earth

Mother Earth Reflection

She has been there, with you, for you, since the start,
Nourishing you and nurturing you with all her heart,
She was smiling when you opened your little eyes to her,
And held you in her green arms when you walked with her.

The walk to school would not have been the same,
If not for her green guards standing tall,
The summer afternoons would not be so much fun,
Without those plums and mangoes and her breezy prowl.

The morning freshness waited each dawn by your window,
To wish a good day ahead for you,
The chirps, the floral breeze and the first sun rays,
Enchanted the morning song just for you.

The first rain drops of every season,
The first rain call of the frogs around,
Spotting a rainbow, walking in the rain,
She gave you her gifts of love in abound.

These are memories now of the past,
When she gave you the best in bountiful,
That was then and this is now, time has turned
She is now shattered and pale, who was once colorful.

You basked in her warmth, slept in her lap,
Exploited her to all extremes and turned your back,
You were but a selfish son and a careless father you will be,
The coming generation will curse you, and so it has to be.

The changes took baby steps and gave you warning enough,
But you turned a blind eye, in your lust to be first.
The soil is eroding, the land degrading; the air has polluted stealth,

The ice is melting and sea is rising to get the kiss of death.

Your children will be the witness; they will see the mother die,
They will have no company, no fish to swim, no bird to fly.
All they will have is an unanswered question,
All what will remain is an unheard cry.

Wake up now, its now or never,
You can no more turn deaf to the tremor.
The mother earth is calling for you,

It’s your turn now to return the favour.

This is a poem I wrote on Environment day. Posting it for the .indiblogeshwaris-that-tuesday-thingy prompt.



  1. Very beautiful and powerful verses! Indeed it is now or never, hope we listen to the nature's call and do our bit.

    Adopting a plant nurturing it to become a beautiful tree, keeping a bowl of fresh water in our balcony for the birdies whose nests we have destroyed, pooling in and/or switching off the ignition when on a red light.....such simple things can go on to make a huge difference.

    Loved the way you brought back few childhood memories...walking to school and summer with mangoes :) :)

  2. I wonder how man be so callous and ignore the very mother who has nurtured him all his life.

    Wonderfully written :)

  3. And held you in her green arms when you walked with her.

    You basked in her warmth, slept in her lap,
    The mother earth is calling for you,

    It’s your turn now to return the favour.

    These are such beautiful lines. indeed we humans have taken a lot from the Earth and its time to return the favour. But we are not returning the favour but doing a favour for ourselves and our future generations.Very beautiful poem.

  4. Beautifully expressed. Yes, it is time. :)

  5. That's so well expressed. It's sad when we ignore and destroy Mother nature.

  6. wow!! That's beautiful.
    I do wish people took more care about Mother Nature. Her fury matches none! :-/

  7. Hi Shiva,
    Though I visited this place earlier, this is the first time I am commenting. Yes, a well written post, yes, we need to protect our natural resources especially the trees. Yes, trees can play a vital role even in our existence. I have posted few posts in English and in Malayalam on this subject.
    Keep. Inform.
    Best Regards
    Philip Ariel

  8. well deserved fans....kiu


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