Tuesday, September 3, 2013

God's Own Eyes

God's Own Eyes
Day 3 *** Artist - My Younger brother *** Cameraman- Yours truly 

This picture takes the coveted place in my top 7 favorite clicks.. .well , yes I agree it has many technical imperfections as far as the photograph goes, but still, it is special for me. Reason being that the artwork itself has been done by Rochit, the younger of my twin brothers. And of all his paintings, why this one??? Because, this was the first time he agreed to do something closely remote to a human figure. The restless and in-a-hurry painter in him always runs away from the detailing needed to make human figures, but he could not stop himself from making this one. These are the first eyes he painted – God’s Own Eyes. Would like to share with you this poem I had written inspired from his painting. 

There was love, there was laughter
There was sunshine in the pasture.
There were memories of spring and fall,
The Rear view mirror showed it all.

Reflections of all the happy times,
Escapades of mind and singing chimes.
All the moments when life was lived,
They’ll last forever one believed.

The first time someone held my hand,
To make me walk on the sand.
All the firsts and all the rest
Life in the rear mirror looked the best.

Some better ones won, some good ones lost,
The rush of life, came with some cost.
The bliss of ignorance was the hide out,
Blindfolded I marched till it was over and out.

Mother’s eyes begged me to stay,
Love of my life did nothing but pray.
They prayed for me and my long life
All they wished was togetherness to thrive.

The rear view mirror warned me enough,
That the ride was risky and the road was tough.
It did all it could to slow me down,
But a man in hurry never wears the crown.

It was all slipping away from me,
The love, the life, the happiness and glee.
They all stood there helpless and still,
Tears in eyes, which the rear mirror did fill.

All of a sudden I lost all control,
In seconds all would crash, body and soul.
All that was mine, beautiful and safe
Will change for worse and never be same.

To the cautious advise if I had lend a good ear,
The dos and don’ts, which I never did fear.
The well wishers around were angels in disguise

The rear view mirror was God’s own eyes!!!

So all my friends who are busy running, rushing, toiling, overtaking and risking , I just have to say one thing. STOP!!! Stop and breathe, breathe and observe, Observe and be thankful, Thank and Live... Live this life for yourself, for the people who care about you. This is no race and you are no athlete. God sent us with a purpose, and that purpose is same for all..to make our life count.

The days are numbered by Him but you decide the worth of those days... 

Be aware ...Be thoughtful ..Be Grateful ...God's Own Eyes are looking after you ...But, in your rush, don's miss to look into them ... If you will you will get all your answers ...

I am celebrating the Write Tribe Festival of Words and will be posting every day for seven days, starting 1st September. The theme for the Festival of Words is “seven“.  I have decided to post  my top 7 photographs which I hold very close to my heart. 


  1. Beautiful painting accompanied by lovely verse!
    ' The rush of life, came with some cost' Hope man adheres to this and does stop for a moment and be grateful for this life...live it, don't rush by it!

  2. Heyy thts so perfectly painted!@ Plss pass on our complinets to your bro.....

  3. Lovely art, lovely poem, lovely message!

  4. A very beautiful painting and lovely words along with an inspiring message. :)

  5. what a beautiful painting! and hey lovely poetry too!

    what is this life so full of care, if we have no time to stand and stare!

  6. True. If we race through life, we miss it entirely.

  7. That picture is very nice and the painting is priceless. Very beautifully done.

    You are right the purpose of our life is to make it count...and we must! Thanks :)

  8. Beautiful Artwork.Is your brother a professional painter??
    As you said each minute each day counts & one should not surpass bits of joys.


  9. That was a wonderful culmination of the poem...I was reading it holding my breath...and please tell your brother that he did a marvelous job :-)

  10. Brilliant pic and the awe-inspiring poem perfect describe the spirit of love, life and enjoying moments of life:)

  11. Beautifully done... the picture, the prose and the poetry!

  12. Wonderful painting as well as poem!

  13. This post is so full of beauty and inspiration. talented bro-sis you are. As much as the painting is beautiful, so are your words.

    Is the header image also his painting?

    Thanks for your support and such kind words on my blog Shiva. I am guilty of not being able to read much. Incidentally... after a long hiatus i am so busy that i am pulling my hairs out... and this started to happen as soon as the festival started. Only i know how i am managing to write and post. My apologies.

  14. Lovely painting and poem. The advice is great, too.

  15. wow your brother is very talented. Nice painting and nice poem. So true, we need to slow down, enjoy the moments and stop to smell the roses. Very nice.

  16. beautiful painting and I'm spell bound by your poem
    the need of introspection was so unmistakeably passed...bows !!!

    you can check out my post here-
    Karan - Brother

  17. what can i say but wow


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