Wednesday, September 4, 2013

India Shining

  India          Shining
Day 4 *** Picture Location – Tata Motors Lucknow *** Occasion – Independence Day *** Cameraman – As Usual

My Country…My Pride … My land …. My Love

As you would have seen I have been talking about few of my favorite things in the write tribe festival, through my pictures.  My country is definitely one of those. The bond I share with my land, my people is special for me. I belong to this place. I don’t think I could have been anything but an Indian. When I say this, I am not at all undermining any country or place, it is just that I was destined to love my country more than another place and I respect all my friends who feel the same for the countries they were born in.

I feel blessed that God chose me for India and India for me. Because the more I know my county and the more I know myself, I feel we just belong to each other. I am a true Indian in all good , bad, colorful and grey ways there are.

Let me share the Top 7 things that make India the only place in the world of its kind


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The food the aroma the diversity… From the richness of the north to the simplicity of South, Poha of the West to Rassogulla of the East, You can never have enough of Indian Food

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The happy go lucky, smiling warm people, who take it as their right to know everything about you. Yes there is no personal space, your problem is my problem, though I may not be able to help you much, but I can always give you my shoulder to cry on. Yes, India is a land of diversity, and really speaking, it is many countries in one country, but looking back at all the travelling I have done in India, I have concluded that the expressions may change depending on which region you are in, but in the heart of their hearts, they are genuinely concerned people, who do not want to hurt. But fickle minded ..yes they are..They get swayed. 


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If you are a wanderer, if you want to explore beauty, if diversity and colours  attract you, if  routine and pattern is not your calling ..then my friend India is the place for you. Yes, I accept, we do not have the best roads, the comfort of resorts, easy to traverse distances..but to me that's the beauty. India has endless beauty, only the beholder has to be patient and strong.


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My childhood would have been incomplete if not filled with the intriguing and exciting mythological tales my grandmother filled me with. My lives philosophy to a large extent has been shaped by the "Mythological Mahanayaks" (Superheroes). I learnt sacrifice from Ram, and friendship from Krishna, Shiva is the epitome of courage and Brahma of Knowledge. Even in the mess of today's world, the country still stands, because it has roots in a rich culture.

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Drama is the soul of India. We all thrive on larger than life, melodramatic life ... that suits us. And Bollywood is the heart beat of the nation. We live to see movies and we see movies to live and this is no exaggeration. Our fashion statements, our social outlooks, our economic development everything is a mirror image of the bollywood showcase. In my opinion, the reason, Indians, and here would like to  remind you that the India, I am talking about "Stays in villages" and is below poverty line, so even in all the adversity, the reason Indians are still happy, is a lot because of Bollywood. It makes us forget where we are, what we are. Yes, you may call it "filmy", but I will call it "our style"

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We are  happy we sing, we are sad we sing, we are in love we sing, we are heartbroken we still sing. The auto rickshwaw, to the barber shop music is everywhere. Instrumental, vocal, folk or fusion, you name it and it has already been mastered in India. No, please dont take me wrong, I am not saying genetically all Indians are singers. Truly speaking many of us suck at singing. But that does'nt lessen our love for music a wee bit.

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For a nature lover, India is a paradise. Its vast and diverse landscape makes it the proud owner of all the seasons there are.The freshness of rains, the chill of winter, the happiness of sunshine and the green envy of spring, the smell of autumn..well India has it all. You need not travel across geographies to relish the variety, just stay at one place and stay long and you will see it all. 

So I told you all that is good and bad about India, from my eyes. Each Indian may have a different image of India, because that is how we are..we all are similar but at the same time unique, we may feel the same but react differently ...basically the sons of a soil as rich as India are not clones. All of us are our own self. 

What makes you proud of India???


I am celebrating the the Write Tribe Festival of Words and will be posting every day for seven days, starting 1st September. The theme for the Festival of Words is “seven“.  I have decided to post 7 photographs made by me which I hold very close to my heart. 


  1. Wow India. We are proud to be Indians.

  2. I couldn't agree more and I am Proud to be Indian. Jai Hind:)

  3. Food, places, myth is my favs in this!

  4. Places of natural beauty - from mountains to deserts, from beaches to waterfalls, from blazing sun to snow we seem to have them all

  5. Cannot disagree on food and movies!! Ingrained in all of us. Literally.

  6. "Sare Jaha Se Acha Hindustan Hamara"..I love the way how you depicted seven wonderful things of our country through images.....

  7. India - oh I love it and the reasons are so many ..most importantly being the love and warmth that we have amidst each other which is very rare and difficult to find any where else :)

  8. I am proud of being an Indian for all that is listed and for the resilience that this country has. We have been one of the oldest civilization for nothing...kuch toh baat hai...hai na?

  9. wow, mout watering food, fascinating places, wonderful people and intriguing mythology...all makes it a beautiful direct from heart post!

  10. I must say this is getting better and better. Each post beats the last one. This one made me realise how much there is we can all cherish despite the cynicism we all exhibit. The picture too sent me back to ummm today morning when I went to the HR office :P :P

    Keep writing! I hope you always take part in challenges, brings out the best in you. And haan get those social media share buttons, makes it easier to share your posts on twitter or fb...


  11. Love the vast variety of food that we have, beautiful and amazing places, mythology and of course our movies...


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