Friday, September 13, 2013

Ancient Ruins

Ancient ruins 
Beauty Within
Callous and Carefree
Dainty sitting
Ruminating soon will she be ancient too???

This is my first attempt to ABC poetry, where first four lines are alphabetically arranged, and the last line ends with a random alphabet.

This picture is of a Bengal Tigress and was taken at the Taman Safari, Jakarta. Bengal Tigers , an amazingly elegant and beautiful tiger species which is in the endangered category. My plea - Save the Tiger



  1. This is beautiful, yet so sad Apoorva :(
    I really hope that the Bengal Tiger never gets extinct... not just the tiger, no animal should face the threat of extinction. Every creature is unique in itself and is created for a purpose, who is man to threaten its existence :(

  2. That's an amazing picture. Let's hope the tiger never gets ancient and extinct. Picture and poem go well together.

  3. How pretty is the picture...I am always in awe of the tiger...errr tigress :)

  4. If poaching continues our future generations will have to see the magnificent tiger only in print. Hope this does not happen. I remember the poem , "Tiger, tiger burning bright, In the forests of the night..........

  5. wow. You have expressed it so beautifully. And the tigress is majestic :)

  6. beauty within ,go on tigress


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