Monday, September 2, 2013

Birds of Feather

Birds of a Feather
Day 2*** Picture Location – Lodhi Garden New Delhi *** Cameraman – Yours Truly *** Muse – Birds in motion

Birds of feather …. Flying high … Free spirited … Always in motion …. Nimble and fast

Me as a kid would never miss my 5:30 pm routine. I would leave all that I was doing and rush to the balcony … It was time to wave goodbye to the chirpy beings … always in flocks …flying together …calling it a day. Every day I would imagine their lives, how all of them would go back home after a whole day of toil and enjoy a relaxing evening with their families. And then my mind would go to their kids at home. How happy they would get when they see their Mumma Papa come back at dusk. And I would always envy them, because their parents never got late, and my father would.

What serenity they left behind … Just a moment before that those synchronized voices would have filled up the skies, it seemed as if  they were calling all their friends who were still at work, asking them to shut down computers and go back home ...after all there is something called work life balance J. One by one all would fly and before you would know they would have all boarded a bus, and the bus would leave for its destination, precisely as the sun clock struck. And a deep, soulful silence would follow.

This was like a ritual for me … and it did fill me up with so much happiness. In my mind I had also made colonies for them, how birds of my area would be going somewhere far for work and would come back to the trees in front of my house, and how all those I saw going ,would actually be staying in a posh  location in the center of the city .. well those were the rambling imaginations of a little mind …but they actually gave an alternate reality to an otherwise mundane life.

I always wanted to be a bird … they used to intrigue me … How could they just fly so easily and I could not. They were so free, so limitless, so freewheeling, so liberated and so lucky!!!

But as I grew up I realized, who stops you from being one. Let your mind free … Unbuckle the tenterhooks.. Break the confines and just Fly !!!!  Be a bird, but never forget to flock together!!!


I am celebrating the Write Tribe Festival of Words and will be posting every day for seven days, starting 1st September. The theme for the Festival of Words is “seven“.  I have decided to post 7 photographs made by me which I hold very close to my heart. 


  1. "Unbuckle the tenterhooks.. Break the confines and just Fly !!!! Be a bird, but never forget to flock together!!!"

    Wow! such a thoughtful post. Thanks :)

  2. Post is as beautiful as the birdie image...I remmeber once i have written a poetry "what i want to be" and i was mentioned "i wanna fly high in the deep blue sky" This is what i can say about this right now :)


  3. Yes "The Homing Pegions". You drafted it so well.Fantabulous!!

  4. What stops us, indeed? Absolutely fantastic thoughts, Shiva! ♥

  5. Very true Shiva. Nobody stops us. Wonderful thoughts indeed. :)

  6. From times immemorial, man was fascinated by the huge birds and this is how Wright bros thought of flying.The freedom that a bird enjoys in the sky is fascinating . Loved your post and specially the last para.

  7. Very deep and profound thoughts!! Loved it!

  8. I loved the last lines, who stops you from being free.... and of course the picture I already know about it :D :D I am loving these re-visitations of your favourite clicks!


  9. Beautifully written. I love being a bird who is free to go wherever the heart pleases. Freedom has no limit:)

  10. such a wonderful message to end the post with...loved it :)

    you can check out my post here:-
    Karan - Grand Mother

  11. I always wanted to be a Bird... me too..
    but who stops you from being one. Let your mind free … Unbuckle the tenterhooks.. Break the confines and just Fly !!!! Be a bird, but never forget to flock together!!! Loved these lines!!

    Awesome Post! Thumbs up!!!

  12. just fly o bird, keep on flying


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