Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sunny I Like

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It is sunny today
Sunny I like
Like all that is bright
Bright and what Shines

Sunshine makes me warm
Warm and happy deep inside
Inside me is a world
A world that comes to Light

Lights up all my senses
Sense of who and what
What lies within Who
and who looks beyond

Beyond the fields of reality
Reality that is but is not
Not because you can't See
See you can but feel you can't

Can't it stay forever
Forever the sun, the hay, the shine
Lights Brights and Shines
Outside bright as much as inside

Inside is a castle
castle of dreams umpteen
dreams of smiles and joy
joy of the being

Being in the moment
Moment of warm sunshine
Warmth of the silence
Silence that reverberates hope

Hope that ever day
Is a day of the sun
Sunny Like it is today
Because Sunny I like...

It was a sunny day today after quite a few days of clouds ... and no matter how much I love rains , I also look forward to a bright sunny day. So these are my thoughts on sunshine..And if you have noticed I have tried to create a chain of words so every line has a word from the previous line. Hope you all enjoy my Sunny side up :)



  1. Now I feel so sunny... and here the sun is hiding behind the clouds .... :)

  2. A warm and creative post. Brightens the mood on a grey morning.

  3. Sunny I like too and need it all the more here coz it is sooooo cold here!! Fab Loop Poetry you wrote!! :)

  4. Such a sun shiny post. :) I noticed what you did with the lines. Well done. Made me smile. :)

  5. Y'know when I was in Delhi I used to hate all the smog during winters and that would make me utterly gloomy. I used to crave for sunny days, just like the ones mentioned here. Your poem reminded me of that! Thanks :)

  6. This was lovely and all that sunshine made me feel all happy and lit up inside! ♥

  7. Yeah that sunny shine brightens up our inner world and removes the numbness of our dull mood...
    lovely post!

  8. I like sunny too. Though sometimes a little shower of rain is also refreshing. Nice poem.


  9. "joy of the being-being in the moment" WOW Keep it Up.
    O Sunny One.


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