Friday, January 31, 2014

She Looked Most Beautiful

No matter how much Mukta tried, she just could not come up with the perfect colour she should wear on that day. Rohit was coming with his parents to formally ask her hand from her Ma Baba. They had always waited for this day and finally when it had really arrived, nothing seemed right to her. Being a north indian, Rohit's family was blinded by fairness. At many occasions they had sent honey dipped sarcasms on her way saying " We really wonder what Rohit saw in you. Ofcourse thats why they say love is blind"

Rohit had always tried to shield her from such hurtful comments, but she always had felt insecure of this final formal meeting where things could make or break.

Stuggling in her mind, she had sent her whole wardrobe topsy-turvy. Should she choose a dull colour that subsides her "not so fair" complexion or should she wear the yellow saree Rohit got for him. But people say yellow is a complete No-No for her "coloured kinds"

She was getting nervous every going minute, and those lovely deep eyes were almost on the verge of overflowing.

Knock Knock went the door of her room.

She opened and found Rohit standing there. She almost broke down infront of him. She just wanted to disappear and let that day pass.

Rohit sensed all that her eyes were telling. He took her face in her hand and looked with all the love in her eyes. And right in that moment all her fears left her.

She looked the most beautiful in those eyes.


This post was written for the Write Tribe Wednesday prompt -- She Looked most Beautiful.

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  1. She saw her reflection in his eyes and that matters the most. Love is sensible.

  2. Aww!! That's so sweet and beautiful. Loved it! Glad that she had Rohit in her life! :)

  3. That is so sweet. Beautiful post and full of love. ♥

  4. A very sweet post. Loved reading it.

  5. I love it that Rohit came to her room, knowing the turmoil her mind must be in. That is love :)

  6. Lovely, Shiva :) That's why they say, ' if you want to see how much he loves you, look at his eyes'. Superbly crafted! :)

  7. It's such a beautiful story, Shiva and the way you scripted it. Love makes us feel beautiful. Nonetheless, sad how as a nation we are obsessed by fairness:(

  8. "looked with all the love" the clinching line. WOW


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