Friday, March 7, 2014

Can't you read

After 15 jobless days, she was hoping she will get the maid’s job in this house atleast.

She rang the bell.

After waiting for sometime,   she entered the house and the fierce dog pounced on her.

Bruised and bitten, those harsh words kept coming back “CANT YOU READ… the warning??”

Yes she never could.

Write Tribe is celebrating the festival of Words. I missed being a part this time, but could not resist to give my entry for the 55 Fiction.Do check the link for some amazing entries.

I dedicate the above post to all those unfortunate girls who could never be literate. They were deprived of the light of knowledge. And sometimes many of us, for whom everything was put on a platter, get insensitive towards them. While actually what we should be doing is trying to bring them to light and not push them further into the darkness of self pity and shame.


  1. :-/... n this must be her smallest worry rt

    1. yes u r right m meena.. but the thought that only if she could life could have been better wud have crossed her mind

  2. I felt sad for her...enduring despite the lack of resource.

  3. Oh no!
    failure doesn't mean end of struggle...she will carry on

  4. Oh! That's bad! Hope that inspires to make it big in life!

  5. Thats so unfortunate .. But an amazing attempt !!

  6. That's sad but powerfully told, Shiva:)


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