Monday, August 5, 2013

A day is not enough!

I have never been very comfortable with this "Days" business.. Its like you have reserved and also restricted your feelings towards a particular person or particular relationship. Whether it be Valentines Day, Mother Day, Fathers Day or very recent Friendship Day..

Yes, I know these days are earmarked to celebrate a person or a feeling more than any other never stops us from expressing it on any other "Not so Special" day also... But after all its a free world, and I have a free mind.. so I have every right to express my opinion ..Right ??? Right!!!

So I feel that these special days, more than spreading happiness , actually are more potent to hurt... OK let me explain.. On any normal day, a person in love always knows he has someone special in his life, and he or she can any time just give that one look or do that little gesture and the beloved would know that she is special and that would make her happy. But, lets take the other scenario, where it is THE Valentines day, where each person, irrespective of his background or situation, is expected to be a part of that celebration. People are bestowed with a never questioned right, to just ask blatantly to anyone, what are his or her Valentines plan. What if the person is heart broken, what if he is not lucky to have met "that" person yet, what if the person whom she loves doesn't know and doesn't want to express his love like all others... Yes the pain can be subtle but hurt it does...

Why just valentines, every time on Mother's day (Not that I don't pamper my mother), this thought always crosses my mind, that on a day like this all those who have been cheated by destiny, and who do not have their mothers in form with them, their sense of loss most definitely gets multiplied. I feel its unfair, one to make the person realize what he is missing, and to make matters worse, also celebrate something he has been denied.

That is why I have personally not been very enthusiastic on these special days, and mostly prefer to  keep low in forwarding messages and wishing. In the process, I might have also hurt a lot of people close to me, who like normal people expect acknowledgement .. It is the "I do" day for all relationships...

By this post I want to tell all those special people in my life that I celebrate them, their presence in my life every day...every day is special because it is filled with memories and thoughts about them. I want them to know that I do not need a calendar reminder for me to thank God for their presence in my life.. In my prayer every night I do that... I thank the Almighty for all the kindness he has showered on me in form of these people around me..who make my life meaningful.

I may not send cards, flowers and gifts when all around them might be getting, but want them to know that in my prayers they are there, like forever. I wish them goodness, health and happiness in every moment of their life, not just on that ONE PARTICULAR day. To my friends, who have been with me through thick and thin, I want to say - "You make all my days special, and if I have to celebrate you, one day may just not be enough"

By the above statements, I absolutely do not aim at taking away the value of expression in any relationship..what I want to say is..why keep it for just one day..Let it flow as it comes...

This post I dedicated to my dear friend Manish, who triggered this thought in me yesterday!!!


  1. An interesting view point; and it makes sense actually.. :)


  2. I have exactly the same views. However, since I don't have children it is politically incorrect for me to say this about Mother's Day and Father's Day. The meaninglessness of it all was apparent when someone wished me a Happy Mother's Day!

  3. True that Apoorva
    Even If I love receiving or sending wishes I strike a chord with u coz e very day is a day to celebrate with our loved oness !
    good post

  4. I am totally with you. Every day is I love you day for me. We don't need special days to celebrate someone, except their birthday, which is definitely special. Everything else is a marketing gimmick.


  5. This is so true. I am also vary of celebrating such days and forwarding such messages too. Everyday and every person is worth celebrating. But we must let them know that often in words and action. Not just messages and forwards on certain days. :)

  6. You already have a lot of people backing you on your ideas so I am allowed a detour :P I feel that these days are suitable to our lifestyle at times. In that way we can dismiss birthdays and anniversaries also and I know you consider birthdays to be special. Now why I feel that is because its like you need an excuse to celebrate, life doles out too many brick bats, why not something nice to cherish to give us a break.

    And of course card companies create them as marketing strategies but then who cares!


  7. ha! I agree with you on this!!
    I don't believe that we need ONE special day to celebrate love or mothers or fathers..

  8. I was always against these days, and then I read a post from a friend who is unable to conceive about the pain she feels every Mother's day..that made me hate the concept even more!

  9. That's so true Apporva! Actually, every day is a celebration!

  10. I'm against days too, but I like Sibling Day the most ;) "Rakhi".

  11. "this is written by me" is the only way to agree with this .


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