Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Ping Pong Ball

 The closest to my heart poem written by me till date ... makes me happy :)  Felt like sharing with all.


The Ping Pong Ball

It goes up and it can fall,
It is intriguing for one and all,
How you take it is all your call,
Life is but a Ping Pong Ball…

To every Pong there is a Ping,
For every song, someone to sing,
For every cloud a silver lining,
All that matters is the way of looking…

The game begins with a cradle and you,
You make the rules and break them too,
You learn from each hit and miss,
And growing with the game is nothing but bliss…

When it gets tough you get going,
If the tide is rough you just keep rowing,
The game is on and the ball is rolling,
When you get the serve just go on scoring…
Try hard not to miss the ball,
But if you do, don’t feel small,
Back in your court it will be in a while,
When it does make the most of the last mile…

The harder it is hit the higher it goes,
Bounces back with power against the blows,
Free yourself from the fear of falling,
As you are almost there, where success comes calling…

It goes slow and it goes fast,
All you have to do is to last,
Last till the game is on,

And make a mark before you are gone…


  1. That's the whole life summed up in a poem. Good one!!

    Dropping from Richa's blog! Thanks...Good luck with the new blog

    1. thanks dear..I need all the luck and the strokes it takes for me to keep posting.. Thanks for playing your part well :)

  2. Such a beautiful poem. Especially the line where you say harder you hit higher it goes, its very meaningful. I am so loving the fact that you are finally opening up your writing for others to read :)


    1. :)Yes richa, it was tough, coz its really hard to open yourself to the world..for the world to judge you... but I am happy I could.. and you know "the source of the force"... Thanks again

  3. comparable to IF ....
    really nice one

  4. This is beautifully written. Life compared to a game of ping-pong. Love the sport but never thought of it this way...I had a smile all through the poem! :)
    Connected via indiblogeshwaris link!


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