Thursday, July 17, 2014

What took you so long

I met love
In its full glory it shined from a distance
It lured me by its looks
But my fingers craved for the touch and feel
Of this endearing "must meet once in life" being

And so i went near it
Tried to wave at it and greet with a smile
I knew I had met him earlier somewhere
Seen it at close quarters
But something had changed

Yes those eyes
Those eyes are not  as clear as they used to be
Their innocence has evaporated in the dunes of time
They are not as dreamy
Realism has taken over

Love that was and love that is

Is it the same person I met twice
Or they are just look alikes
What separates one from another
They are so similar but yet so different

The first time I met love

It was so light on its feet
Always floating and bloating like a balloon
The hot air balloon that sweeped me off the ground
and took me along in its fairy tale world

But the new love is so grounded

Has put on some weight, well at the right places though...
those unkempt hair are now subtle and grey
and those eyes talk more than they speak
and those hands they are much more stronger to hold me tight 
and never let me go

And as I sit and wonder

Trying to make one from the another
A thought crosses my mind
Is it the love that has changed
Or the way I look at it

With the years left behind

and the moments lived and relished
one evolves and gets more real
and while trying to do that
the idea of love also changes

The love I met today

may not blind me with its bright light
but will still light me up
with happy thoughts and warm feelings
and keep me cozy every day

And all the while I was in my thoughts

love came and stood next to me
looked in my eyes 
looked through me
and said ..."What took you so long?"


  1. Wow! you do great poetry! I am floored with the way you express yourself. so clear.

  2. That is a lovely peom. I can't help feeling all warm and fuzzy reading this, especially as I am celebrating my 25th anniversary in August and the hubs and I aren't quite as young as in the early days. But love is everlasting and grows stronger over time in a way that is more meaningful than the fleeting lust of youth.

  3. Lovely. The essence of true love!

    1. true Michelle ... as love grows older it becomes more real

  4. Lovely poem, Shiva.. :) It's beautiful and perfect! :) Loved it..

    Visit me @taleoftwotomatoes

  5. Such a sweet poem. I love the last verse, Shiva!

    1. Thank youuuuuu... You know how much I look forward to you reading what I write :D

  6. Beautifully expressed Shiva :)

  7. love everything about ur writing


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